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La Copa Rosa

Menstruation is still a cultural stigma in Africa.  While the period, women are not avoid  to  cook and  in some places girls cannot go to school on those days.

Many girls in Chad suffered the menstruation  in silence, never mentioning it to their mother or sisters. And also,  with no access to sanitary products. Traditionally, girls have used rags or dry grasses to deal with their period.

For many women, compresses are an object of luxury and they had never seen a tampon or manetsrual cup before.  The menstrual cup lasts until ten years and is a solution for the hygienic conditions of the country


Humanitarian organizations have been denouncing this problem for some time and have now found a tool for change with the menstrual cup. It is an intravaginal device that is changed every eight hours and is reusable. The advantage is that it lasts ten years and is easily cleaned. The main problem to extend its use is due to the lack of knowledge of women of their own anatomy and menstruation. Diferents NGOs are campaigning in Africa to establish the cup with informational meetings where taboos are denied towards the loss of virginity with the use of these devices.

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