Missing people in Krusha e Madhe

Coinciding with the ten years of independence of Kosovo, the Eulex leaves Kosovo in mid-2018. There are still more than 1.650 missing persons since the 1999 war. It also leaves many war crimes not prosecuted.

Krusha e Madhe is the place where one of the most horrible massacre took place during the war of 1999. 226 civilians were killed; 46 of the bodies are not found yet and the assumptions are that they were cremated or thrown in the river Drini i Bardhe. One of the survivors claims that the entire village ran to the mountains since the Serbian forces surrounded them. Kosovars were separated in men, women and children where all men were killed, even if they were thirteen years old. The women and children fled Krushe e Madhe and headed to the Albanian border. Once the war was over and they returned, the entire village was destroyed; all the houses, mosques, schools, etc. had been burned to the ground.

The investigations started in 2008 by EULEX but ten years later,  no one´s been convicted yet  for the massacre.

During the attack by the Serbian police, village residents took refuge in a forested area outside Krushe e Madhe, where they could see how the police systematically plundered and then burnt the villagers' houses. At the morning of 26 March 1999, Serb police found the villagers in the forest. The police ordered the women and small children to leave the area and to go to Albania. The police then searched the men and boys and took their identity documents, and after that, they were forced to walk to an uninhabited house between the forest and Mala Kruša/Krushe e Vogel. Once the men and boys were assembled inside the house, the police opened fire on the group. After several minutes of gunfire, the police piled hay on the men and boys and set fire to it in order to burn the bodies. Because of the shootings and the fire, the Serb police killed approximately 105 Kosovo Albanian men and boys.

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