The daughters of Saint Therese. A cloistered life.

Discussions and laughter are heard behind the door. The rest of the convent remains mute and drowned in a weak gloom despite being four o´clock in the afternoon. From the corridor, full of small doors designed for women from another era, when they did not grow up so much, you can hear a rhythmic drumming of an old clock that someone took from a church tower for the lovely nuns.

The kitchen has already been cleaned and it is now recess time. All Carmelites who inhabit the convent are gathered in a room where they share tasks such as labelling jam pots, others make Holy cards, rosaries, mementos...


They are the daughters of Saint Teresa of Jesus, the woman that re-established the Order of Carmelo and set the rules of how the monastic life had to be, and so the behaviour of for whom decides to offer his life to God in the way of closing a cloister. A woman who changed the church of men in a world of men, a woman whose mystical experiences got to put her facing the dread Court of the Holy Inquisition.


The year of the 5th centenary of this illustrious character of the Church starts in October and I have had the fortune and the huge responsibility of being responsible for narrating with my images how is the cloistered life, how they spend the hours behind the walls of the convents, how is the Carmelite community, the privilege to join the nuns in moments of personal praying, when they come to his beloved, the privilege of listening to the stories that have led them there and depict the spirituality of the Holy daughters.

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